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Research Projects


Over the past thirty-plus years, I have embarked on a series of research projects focused on diverse aspects of politics within and beyond Southeast Asia. Perhaps I have been something of a hit-and-run driver, moving from one country and/or topic to the next without stopping or even looking in my rear-view mirror. There is clearly the danger of spreading myself too thin.


But there are some abiding or recurring interests, and I have tried to bring to fruition each one of my major research interests in a book-length study, as I still hope to do on a number of fronts. At least I keep learning. In any event, you can see something of my work on a succession of research projects by clicking on these links:

Local Politics in the Philippines and Beyond

Comparative Historical Sociology of Southeast Asia

Islam and Politics in Indonesia and Beyond

Reform Advocacy Campaigns in the Philippines and Beyond

Republicanism, Communism, Islam: Cosmopolitan Origins of Revolution in Southeast Asia

Transport/Infrastructure Politics in the Philippines

Thinking Working Politically Book Cover.
Phil Politics Society 20th Century Book
Riots Pogroms Jihad Book Cover.jpg
Sidel S21 cover.jpg
Islamist Threat in Southeast Asia Book C
CCC Bossism Book Cover.jpg
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